spux.executors.balancers package


spux.executors.balancers.adaptive module

class spux.executors.balancers.adaptive.Adaptive[source]

Bases: spux.executors.balancers.balancer.Balancer

Derived class to establish particle routings.

ensembles(indices, workers)[source]

Initially distribute particles to ensembles according to how many ‘workers’ are available.

routings(ensembles, indices)[source]

Compute routings of particles from current particle ‘ensembles’ and specified ‘indices’

spux.executors.balancers.balancer module

class spux.executors.balancers.balancer.Balancer[source]

Bases: object

Base class for balancing network traffic due to killing and cloning (resampling) of particles.


Compute sources for the particles to be resampled according to the specified routings.


Compute network traffic (moves, copies, etc.) from routing of particles.

verbosity = 0